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BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® or BWRT® can help you overcome your driving difficulties.

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There were 36.7 Million cars registered as on the road in 2016. That is an incredible number – hard to imagine – and it is easy to understand why many people are apprehensive about getting behind the wheel of a car, whilst some are plain terrified.

If you are having difficulty in passing your driving test, that statistic should bring you some comfort, for if 36.7 million people can learn to drive confidently – you can too!

It is difficult to face a fear head on, but with the right help that difficulty is diminished.

As a BWRT® practitioner and hypnotherapist I can work with your fear and anxiety and the way you would prefer to feel instead, replacing the negative with the positive to help you pass your driving test and become a more confident driver.

Handy tips for new drivers

  • find an instructor through recommendation.
  • talk to a potential driving instructor – find out how you feel about him/her
  • learn with an instructor you trust
  • learn with an instructor who makes you feel confident and safe
  • don’t put up with sarcasm, ridicule, or impatience – you deserve better, find another instructor
  • choose an instructor with a high first test pass rate
  • chose an instructor who will teach you to drive on any road, not teach you a test route
  • take lessons at different times of the day and night, in all weather conditions.
  • take the Pass Plus or equivalent course for confidence on motorways.

Relaxation accelerates learning

If you are very anxious about driving or putting yourself under immense stress to pass a driving test you will find it much harder to learn the new skill necessary.
By learning to relax, you will be able to hear and understand the instructions you receive and get a better feel for the car. You will then feel in greater control and your confidence will soar.
Driving is a fantastic skill. It opens up so many possibilities in terms of employment, leisure activities, freedom.

Do you want to put the brakes on your fears for driving? Get in the right lane for driving success and call me for a free consultation.

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Gavin Bowtell

Gavin Bowtell provides BWRT®, hypnotherapy, and Reiki services close to Hainault, Chigwell and other areas near Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

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