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Generalised Anxiety Disorder is a common issue affecting around 5% of the population of the United Kingdom, BWRT® can help.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD is sometimes referred to as free floating anxiety. The sufferer lives in a state of almost constant high anxiety.  It is often noticed that when one anxiety trigger is dealt with a new one will take its place. GAD often affects women slightly more frequently than men, and seems to be most prevalent among people in their mid-thirties to early sixties. However younger and older people may have symptoms of GAD too.
GAD is sometimes also referred to as Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Social Phobia.

BWRT®  offers a way of alleviating GAD

BWRT® or Hypnotherapy for anxiety
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BWRT® is increasingly used for easing anxiety

GAD is usually a long-term condition.  Those with GAD often find it difficult to remember a time when they were really relaxed or free from anxiety.
There are a variety of symptoms relating to Generalised Anxiety Disorder differing from person to person, including:

  • a general sense of unease
  • muscle tension
  • feeling on-edge
  • tiredness/fatigue
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • waking frequently
  • stress dreams
  • irritability
  • lack of concentration
  • dizziness
  • palpitations


See your GP in the first instance

It is unusual to receive a diagnosis of GAD if these symptoms are suffered only occasionally.  GAD would be a more likely diagnosis if a number of these symptoms are present most days of the week over a period of around six months.  A GP would need to be seen several times to give such a diagnosis, and in that time it would be possible to rule out other possibilities. Although the internet is a treasury of information it is always best to take health concerns to your GP in the first instance. Drug and alcohol misuse can be the cause of anxiety and can make existing anxiety worse. Excessive intake of caffeine and prescription drugs can also produce unwanted symptoms of anxiety as side-effects – if you are taking any medication the leaflet that comes with the medicine will tell you about this.  If you suspect that medication is making matters worse – you should speak to your doctor or a pharmacist for further advice.

Working together

Many people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder can feel trapped by it. If you have suffered for a long time it is not uncommon to feel that you cannot be “fixed”. However I can tell you that I have helped many people overcome many forms of anxiety using BWRT®.
BWRT® stands for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy.  It will provide you with some degree of insight into why you feel the way you do, and we can also do something about it.

As a BWRT® Practitioner I offer a structured approach to dealing with Generalised Anxiety Disorder which allows you to clearly see when improvements are made. GAD is unlikely to vanish in a single session but as a client-centred, solution-focussed therapist my aim is to work with you at a pace with which you are comfortable, to achieve your goals.  I will aim for you to see an improvement at every session. Sometimes during therapy other matters arise that need attention, for example issue of self-worth, guilt or shame.  If issues like these exist then they may need to be dealt with in order to get the best out of the therapy.  We can work on those too always seeking the best possible outcome for you.

find freedom from block with Essex Mind Coach
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Be free of the things that hold you back


I offer a free 30 minute consultation by telephone, Skype, or in person to allow you discover more about your options.  If you live a long way off, or work unsociable hours then Skype sessions are available.

Gavin Bowtell

Gavin Bowtell provides BWRT®, hypnotherapy, and Reiki services close to Hainault, Chigwell and other areas near Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

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