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Have you ever wondered if your beliefs about yourself significantly affect your life?

A recent article published by the American Psychological Association has found that a person might shorten his lifespan just by having inaccurate or negative beliefs about him or herself!

Beliefs Shape Reality

In this specific experiment it was found that those who took part in the study who believed they were inactive were 71% more likely to die during the follow-up period compared to those who saw themselves as active.
Whether the person was inactive in fact, was actually less important that whether s/he believed s/he was an inactive person. 

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One of the researchers, Octavia Zarht, commented  “…most people do not know that thinking you are not exercising enough can also harm your health.”  It is suggested that those who believe they are not taking enough exercise will realise fewer physiological benefits from the exercise that they do take in comparison to a person who believes he is very active. The researchers Zarht and Crum also noted that those who compared themselves negatively with others would be more likely to become depressed and fearful. They believed that the placebo effect would also account for the findings of their research.

Damaging Beliefs

As a therapist I meet people all the time whose health – physical and emotional – has suffered as a result of self-beliefs that are not accurate.

A person might hold negative or inaccurate beliefs about themselves for several reasons – bullying from parents, teachers, or peers can lead to low self-esteem. But even where a person had gone to a nice school, has been brought up by good and loving parents, and was popular, the accumulation of life events can lead a person to feel very badly about themselves.

When a person holds beliefs about themselves such as “I can’t”, “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t deserve”, “I’m not like the others”, those thoughts can set in motion a chain-reaction of self-limiting behaviours which affect a wide array of life choices.

Limiting beliefs affect decisions and choice such as:-

  • who is a worthy partner
  • where to send the children to school
  • what car to buy
  • what holidays to take
  • what clothes to wear
  • what house/area to live in
  • health care
  • end of life care

This means that if YOU hold limiting beliefs about yourself, you may not be living the life you really want…and deserve.

As an advanced BWRT® Practitioner and Hypnotherapist I can help you break free of those limiting beliefs so that you can life the life you want.

Don’t leave it till tomorrow to start living – get the life you want TODAY!  Call me.



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