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BWRT® in Action

BWRT® – What is it for?

Have you read how fantastic BWRT® is in one of the daily newspapers? Many people are finding solutions to longstanding problems in a single session with this unique therapy.

BWRT® is also based upon sound scientific research. In fact in September of 2017 Dr Jacek Krysztofiak presented his paper “Epigenetic underpinnings of Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT)” to the Biological Psychiatry Conference of South Africa. The paper looks at how BWRT® can actually change your DNA so that the trauma response is not passed on to the next generation.

Keep an eye on the BLOG to discover more about this exciting research.

BWRT® How Does it Work?

This technique uses your own brain processes. It takes the problem behaviour and replaces it with a solution YOU want.

It can be used for very broad range of conditions:

  • nail-biting
  • G.A.D (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)
  • pain relief
  • depression
  • smoking cessation
  • anorexia
  • bullying
  • binge eating/drinking
  • sex addiction
  • masturbation fixation
  • sexual fetishes/paraphilia
  • breaking habits of binge eating/drinking
  • phobias
  • greater confidence
  • “blocks” to learning or creativity
  • anxiety
  • drug addiction
  • limiting beliefs
  • grief
  • procrastination

How Many Session Will I Need?

This really depends on the nature of the problems. A fear of spiders or snakes for example could be dealt with in one sessions. However deeply-seated, pervasive problems can take up to 4 sessions to shift. Sometimes “maintenance” sessions are required. Even unusual issues can be helped by BWRT® as you can see in this video made by a happy client.

I am very happy to discuss this with you answering any questions you may have.

Call me or email using the contact links below to discuss whether BWRT® is right for you.

The Beginning

BWRT® was inspired by the pioneering research of a neuroscientist called Benjamin Libet.

In 2003, Libet became recipient of the Virtual Nobel Prize in Psychology from the University of Klagenfurt, “for his pioneering achievements in the experimental investigation of consciousness, initiation of action, and free will.

Why is this important?

Well, what Libet discovered was that there is a significant gap between your brain beginning to act, and you becoming aware of the action. The gap is about ⅓ of a second. A fairly long period in brain-time.

Just think about that for the moment. It means that there are times when you find yourself doing things and you wonder “why?”. As a BWRT® therapist I am trained to use that delay to change the your behaviour with something much more resourceful instead. Something YOU choose.

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Gavin Bowtell

Gavin Bowtell provides BWRT®, hypnotherapy, and Reiki services close to Hainault, Chigwell and other areas near Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

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