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Recently I was asked about aerophobia – the fear of flying. This is not an uncommon condition, so if you decide to seek hypnotherapy for a fear of flying you will find an understanding ear, here.

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome the fear of flying and the other feelings and symptoms associated with flying.

Overcome your fear of flying with Hypnotherapy

Aeorophobia – the Fear of Flying
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A free 30minute hypnotherapy consultation is available to you. This will provide you with the opportunity to meet me and learn a little more about hypnotherapy, to ask your questions and to talk about your issues in confidence.

The free hypnotherapy consultation is without any obligation. If you want to you can go home and think about what you want to do, or as many people do, you can begin therapy that day.

As a professional hypnotherapist I use a variety of techniques including NLP, Time Line Therapy, Regression Therapy, Inner Child work, and EFT which may form part of any therapy session.

Free Audio Recording

In order to assist you further in your goal to fly without fear I will send you a free audio recording following your first appointment. This can be downloaded onto an iPod MP3 player, smartphone tablet or other device so that you can listen to it whenever and wherever you wish.

Please feel free to call me or email with your questions or to book your appointment.

I look forward to meeting you.


Gavin Bowtell

Gavin Bowtell provides BWRT®, hypnotherapy, and Reiki services close to Hainault, Chigwell and other areas near Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

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