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PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has gained a lot of coverage in recent years.

Charities like Help for Heroes and the annual Poppy Appeal have done a great deal to highlight the psychological and emotion scars suffered by military personnel in combat and other situations.
The Royal British Legion promotes hypnotherapy as a treatment for PTSD, addictions and other conditions.

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A Normal Response to a Disordered Situation

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder affects many other people aside from servicemen and women.
The NHS website says that those involved in things such as:

  • serious road accidents
  • violent personal assaults, such as sexual assault, mugging or robbery
  • prolonged sexual abuse, violence or severe neglect
  • witnessing violent deaths
  • military combat
  • being held hostage
  • terrorist attacks
  • natural disasters

may suffer PTSD. Symptoms of PTSD include signs of severe anxiety and stress, depression, anger issues, guilt. There may be insomnia, flashbacks to the events, drug and alcohol abuse as a form of self-medication, and amnesia to name a few.

PTSD is a natural response to an unnatural or deeply disturbing experience or time in your life. It is not a sign of weakness or cowardice, it is what happens when a person is expected to function normally in abnormal circumstances.

Hypnotherapy & PTSD

A recent article in PASTE magazine looked at the use of hypnosis for PTSD which was published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. The cited study chows that patients with chronic PTSD who received four treatments for there condition still maintained improved well-being a month after treatment compared with the group using anti-depressants.
Hypnotherapy is an effective option for addressing the both the symptoms and the causes of PTSD.

If you are interested in how hypnotherapy can help PTSD feel free to email or call me.

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