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Listening, generally, is something you have always been able to do. It’s not as if you can switch our ears off, right?
Since before you were born you could hear and therefore listen. I suppose when babies are born it is into a world of noise, and very quickly they will learn to focus on some sounds more than on others. It is a skill you hone as you get older. You can decide to tune into the conversation at a nearby table. You can pay closer attention to something heard on the radio. Even when asleep, you listen out for the key of a loved one turning in the door.

We all like to have someone to listen

To be given a fair hearing, to be “heard out” is something we all want for ourselves. But it seems we can’t all give this “hearing” to others.
Some of us just don’t seem to listen.

Communication is an essential part of being human, it is an essential skill in diplomacy. Relationships of all kinds whether in the home, the workplace or in the street often depend on good communication for a positive outcome. Put bluntly, we do not get what we want or what we need if we do not know how to ask for it. If we do not listen, we cannot meet the need of another to be heard. Which means we are going to be ineffective communicators.

Reasons for not listening

Recently I was contacted by a young lady who wanted to be a better listener. She had realised that you have to hear as well as be heard.
We discussed some of the reasons people do not listen:-

  1. your own internal dialogue drowns out the sound of others speaking
  2. stress – something demanding to be your top priority
  3. concentration – the need to focus on just one thing, and only that
  4. being bored
  5. daydreaming
  6. wanting to “get in first”
  7. needing to dominate the conversation
  8. not wanting to hear what we think will be said
  9. a feeling that hearing someone out is the same as accepting what they say
  10. time constraints

Hypnotherapy for Improved Listening

Once we had established the problem, its cause, its solution and the benefits for my client I did the hypnosis part and then the session ended.
The process took about and hour and a half. Nearly two months later I received an email from the client thanking me for the work we had done, and incidentally letting me know I could use her email as a testimonial. She reported “100% improvement. Not only do I have less chatter in my mind but when I feel myself getting impatient I can bring myself back to focus and calm. I find myself having far fewer arguments, and my memory has improved too. I guess because I’m paying proper attention now”.

It is clear that good communication enhances your life experience. Don’t miss out – call or email me now to become a better listener.

Gavin Bowtell

Gavin Bowtell provides BWRT®, hypnotherapy, and Reiki services close to Hainault, Chigwell and other areas near Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

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