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An in depth look at BWRT® 

BWRT® Helps you Faster

There is a reason why I am so enthusiastic about BWRT®.  Simply, it helps me to help you more quickly. But I’ll tell you a bit more about that in a minute.

BWRT® is short for BrainWorking Recursive Therapy. This is a new form of psychotherapy based upon a scientific understanding of the way your brain functions. BWRT® uses the natural functioning of your brain to bring about the changes you want, and it does so in an extraordinary number of ways.

There are three levels of BWRT®.  Level 1 is where we start from and so I will only tell you about Level 1 for now. However as an Advanced BWRT® Practitioner I offer both Level 1 & 2 BWRT®.

BWRT®: Many Ways of Helping A Multitude of People

If you choose the Essex Mind Coach I may very well use one of more of the following in sessions with you:-

Virtual World is the standard protocol used in BWRT® and can bring about rapid and profound change in only one session.  If you have seen the Youtube video about arachnophobia that I made this is the protocol I used.
Rolling Road is slightly more dynamic – but it’s the sort of protocol I’d use where there is an issue with anxiety or fear based on an event anticipated in the future; for example a driving test or coming out for the first time.
Mental Steering allows me to help you work through a series of bad experiences which you might be able to see as a single event – for example: moving house, going to a new school, not knowing anyone and being bullied.
Working By Association is a protocol that helps clients who are going through a difficult time where the end is someway in the future, for example caring for a terminally relative or partner.
Generalised Anxiety Disorder Protocol – provides a very structured way of working which might use a combination of the above protocols to resolve G.A.D, also known as Free Floating Anxiety Disorder. It can be adapted for Anger Management, Social Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Habits, Eating Disorders, Fear of Authority, Phobias and a variety of other problems where a person comes with several issues that might be loosely or closely related.
Guilty Secret – this is one I often work with and helps clients profoundly.
The amazing thing about this protocol is that I do not need to know anything about the secret.  You simply tell me whether it was:

A) something that was done to you that you didn’t choose,
B) something that you did but don’t do any more, or
C) something that you still do.

I cannot possibly guess from you this what the issue is, but by telling me “A”, “B”, or “C” I know exactly how to help you work through that guilty feeling.

BWRT® for Specific Problems

There’s a New Life Waiting – You just need to take that road.

Poor Self Worth – this is a subject I’ve written about on many occasions and something a lot of people suffer from. It can affect your life at very many levels, but this protocol works on those things that trigger your Poor Self Worth.

One of the great gifts of BWRT® to the world of therapy and to people who need it is the:
Grief Buster Protocol – most of us have experienced bereavement and know that the loss is something we can eventually bear and live with, and even move on from.  But what happens when the gut-wrenching heartache is there in front of you blocking your everything path, ruining your every waking moment?  The effect of this sort of grief can ruin relationships.  The Grief Buster Protocol allows you to gently let go of the grief and has even been used successfully where PTSD has resulted from multiple bereavements.

There is a Relationship Break-Up Protocol -which speak for itself, and a protocol for people who have difficulty setting Boundaries, whether with colleagues, friends, food or lovers.

Defusing Depression is a truly exciting new protocol that starts from a very different understanding of depression.  It works by unsticking the depression, setting you free.   Watch this space, for I shall very soon be offering this protocol to you, and of course writing a blog post about it.

BWRT® Coaching Programme can be used for almost any project that you might have in mind but for which you need a coach to help you stay on course.   It also contains a dedicated BWRT® Weight Management Programme.

For couples who are having difficulty with conceiving the BWRT® Fertility protocol was created.

You Have Nothing to Lose – Except What Holds You Back.

You might not believe it, but I have listed all the BWRT® Protocols.  There are so many way in which BWRT® can help you now, and more being developed, you have nothing to lose by enquiring today.

Call me on 020 8172 or drop me an email to find out more.   A change life is just an email away!

Gavin Bowtell

Gavin Bowtell provides BWRT®, hypnotherapy, and Reiki services close to Hainault, Chigwell and other areas near Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

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