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Hello and welcome.  This resource page is the result of collaboration between two friends with the desire to provide quality resources for use in the hypnotherapist’s consulting room.

Unique Scripts for Unique Clients

It is very easy to find hypnosis scripts for you to use with your clients. It is not always clear whether they are high quality scripts written by an experienced hypnotherapist currently in practice. But your search is now over, and you have come to the right place. For here you will find only the fruit of our experience and insight in our high-quality carefully-crafted scripts.
It is not unusual for a client to present with a problem that is sufficiently out of the ordinary for even hypnotherapists of many years experience to feel a bit hot around the collar. Such lack of complacency is a credit to you, and benefit to your client! We hope our scripts will take some of the heat out of hypnotherapy. Our scripts will also utilise a variety of techniques for delivering salutary suggestions direct to the subconscious to bring about profound change for your client. Where Steve and I have written on the same subject – you will be able to compare the scripts and decide which is most suited to the client you have in mind at this time, or use ideas from both to tailor your own script using our ideas.

Meet the Authors


Steven Harold BA(HONS) DCH DHP MNCH(Acc.)

is a hypnotherapist of 20 years experience.  Through hypnotherapy he has helped many people around the UK and across the World with their problems. He trains and supervises hypnotherapists and is a published author of Marketing Your Complementary Therapy Practice and Creative Hypnosis Scripts. Steven has strong associations with the music industry helping musical artists manage the stresses and strains of fame, performing and touring. He also uses and teaches Expressive Meta-Schematic Repatterning (EMSRP).

Gavin Bowtell BA(HONS) Dip.Hyp MBBRS MNCH(reg) 

is a talented and sought after hypnotherapist. Gavin brings to the world of hypnotherapy and to his hypnosis scripts understandings and insights that have been gleaned from many areas including eastern and western philosophies & religions, his own life experience and other enlightened sources. His scripts are already in demand from other hypnotherapists who appreciate his way with words either through metaphor or direct suggestion.    

Both Gavin & Steven are also Advanced Practitioners of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®) and Members of the British BrainWorking Research Society.

If there is a script that you would like to buy but cannot see it here please feel free to ask us.  If we write it and include it on this site you will receive a copy for free

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Gavin is always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have in complete confidence. Just use any of our contact details and make the decision to change your life today!


Gavin Bowtell

Gavin Bowtell provides BWRT®, hypnotherapy, and Reiki services close to Hainault, Chigwell and other areas near Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London.

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